Fancy Flippers

You would like to colour in some flippers … then have a look at these. You can simply print off your favorite and start colouring!

The lines are extra thick which will be nice for smaller fingers to practise their colouring skills.

Pssss…if you are new to Hattifant’s mermaid tails made out of ONE sock then quickly head over here for a quick update!

Hattifants Fancy FlippersOf course we’ve already coloured in some ourselves…our mermaid kingdom becomes fashionable and the mermaids would like to change their tales like we do our dresses!

So, I think there will be lots more designs coming up soon… 😉

If you have designed some flippers and would like to show them to us then please send your picture and we’ll add it to the flipper collection!

Fancy Flippers Design Studio

The mermaids once again at work…

Hattifants Fancy FlippersHattifants Fancy Flippers…and here are the flower flippers coloured by our little mermaid:

Hattifants Fancy FlippersAnd here are our most current designs…

Hattifant’s Fancy Flipper Designs

You can download the flippers as a pdf in either US Letter (8.5x11inches) format or A4, simply by clicking on the links below each picture!

Hattifants Fancy Flippers_FlowerZentangle“Flower Zentangle” US (8.5x11inches) and A4

Hattifants Fancy Flippers_Elegance“Elegance” US (8.5x11inches) and A4

Hattifants Fancy Flippers_Dots“Dots’n Dots’n Dots” US (8.5x11inches) and A4

And if you are interested in a BLANK version you can find it HERE …  US (8.5x11inches) and A4

Hattifant's Fancy FlippersEnjoy and remember…I am ALWAYS happy to hear from you and see what you’ve come up with!!!

Thank you!

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Hattifant's Mermaid Tail out of one sock

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