Hattifant’s Woodland Cuties Stationary and Coloring

How much I look forward to to seeing the colors of Autumn this year!

Living in a warm climate where “natives” start wearing winter boots when the temperature drops to freezing 19°C (no offense! :-)) one starts to miss the change of seasons from Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn to Winter. And then to start over again with new promises during Spring time. Sighhh…

With this in mind I got a cute Woodland Coloring Page with Mrs Deer, Mr. Foxy and Mr. Rabbit ready for all of us to enjoy! I was “lucky” as the sun was for once hiding in Bangkok. With the grey clouds outside my window I could almost imagine Autumn. Haha…You must think I don’t like living here. I do for sure! And I LOVE warmth and am terrible when getting cold. But dreaming of Autumn and snowflakes…hmmmm…nice… 😉

So I really hope you like the coloring page as much as I do. Maybe it will help you getting through a cold autumn or winter or it helps you dreaming about it?!

Hattifants WoodlandAnimals

The lovely Maggy from RedTedArt is giving our Woodland Cuties a permanent home for you to download from. Simply click on the image above or here! Enjoy!

Hattifants Woodland AnimalsI  played with some cozy autumn colors and the coloring page turned into some lovely stationary. I am set for this years season for sure. I hope my family and friends like foxes as well.

Black & White Folding Cards to color

Hattifant Woodland Folding Cards to colorAren’t they adorable. They just wait to be printed and colored in. Make them your art, your special gift with your choice of colors and media. They will be available in two sizes – 7×5 inches and 3.5×2.5 inches.

Woodland Folding Cards in beautiful Autumn Colors

Hattifant Woodland Cuties Folding CardsAnd here they are in color. Very happy how they turned out!

Hattifant Woodland Cuties FoldingCards These will also be available in the two sizes mentioned above. So you can use them for Seasons Greetings as well as little cards accompanying a present.

Woodland Cuties PopUp Cards

Hattifant wouldn’t be Hattifant if there were not a pop up version! 🙂 I just love love love pop up cards. And therefore had to turn these cuties into pop up cards as well. What do you think?!

Hattifant Woodland Cuties PopUp FlatHere they are still flat as a pancake… but down below they come to life…

Hattifant Woodland Cuties PopUpInterested in sending these out to your friends and family?

Here is my offer for you:

For a 5 USD you will receive high quality JPG files that you can simply download right after payment.

JPG files because the quality of the color versions then remain nice and beautiful and you can even take them to your favorite printshop and get them printed there.

The bundle will include:

  • 2 Sets of 4 – Black & White FOLDING CARDS to color yourself in 2 sizes (1st set of 4 with 7×5 inches and 2nd set with 3.5×2.5 inches)
  • 2 Sets of 4 – Colored version FOLDING CARDS in 2 sizes (as in Black & White)
  • 2 Sets of 4 – Colored version POP UP CARDS (1st set with 7×5 inches and 2nd set with 5 1/4×3 3/4 inches) (You can also leave the cards flat. Your choice to cut out the animals to flip them up or not!)

In each set you will find 1 card with all three animals, and the 3 other cards with each individual animal.


  • A3 sized Coloring Page (for even more coloring fun!)

The beauty about this digital set? You can print off as many as you like for yourself, family and friends. Please do not distribute or sell further. I think you’ll understand. Many thanks.



  • Cardstock (a bit heavier for the popup versions recommended)
  • Scoring Tool (to score the line before folding the card)
  • Scissors (to cut the card to the size of your desire)
  • Craft/Cutting knive (for Pop Up Card to cut out partly the animals so that one can fold them up)
  • Coloring pens

For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All art work is copyright of Manja Burton (Hattifant). Copyright is nontransferable.