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Hattifant Mandalendar FEBRUARY Calendar Coloring Page

Mandalendar FEBRUARY Coloring Page

It is almost February here and this means it is time for our newest addition to our monthly Mandalendar 2016. Click on the picture below to find out more! MORE FROM HATTIFANT: Triskele Paper Globes Mandala Cards Pop Up Card “Fireworks” 3D Coloring – Pop Up Card “Make a Wish” …

Hattifant - Winter Coloring Pages

Winter Coloring Pages

“Smooth and clean and frosty white, The world looks good enough to bite. That’s the season to be young, Catching snowflakes on …

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016 December

Mandalendar 2016

LOOKING for the MANDALENDAR 2017? Find it here! …a NEW Year… a NEW Beginning… a NEW Calendar… NEW Mandalas… Hattifant’s Mandalendar 2016!!! …

Hattifant Happy 2016 New Year Coloring Page WIP

Happy 2016 to You

Happy New Year everyone! I had a bit of a crazy doodle episode probably due to too much coffee 😛 but this …

3d christmas tree cone hattifant to color and craft

Christmas Tree Cones to Color

    Hattifant is getting into Christmas Craft mood! You, too?! Then please join me in this newest craft: Hattifant’s Christmas Tree …