Hattifant’s Mandala Advent Calendar

So…last year we had this cute little Woodland Animal Advent Calendar that you all absolutely adored and loved. This year we color our way to Christmas IN STYLE! In all Mandala gorgeousness!

Please welcome this years’ Advent Calendar, Hattifant’s Mandala Advent Calendar 2016!

(For your chance to be one of the first 100 lovely people to download this calendar for FREE please read on!)

Hattifant's Mandala Advent Calendar to color your way to Christmas in styleSo each day from December 1 onwards you search for the equivalent number just like any normal Advent Calendar that has “doors” to open and color in that field. Example: on December 1 you will find the number “1” in the center of the Mandala. Color in that area and then come back December 2 to color in the area for number “2”.

By either December 24 or 25 you will have a fully colored Mandala illustration. ^_^

Mandala Advent Calendar

Because this time of year is so much about creating I wanted share with you how this Mandala Advent Calendar was created. Follow me along in a 1:45min short video clip and see this calendar come to life!


Now Christmas is not only about creating but also Giving & Sharing. So I have a special something for you…


The FIRST 100 lucky people will be able to download this Mandala Advent Calendar for FREE! Yes, that’s right!


Ready? Want to see if you are one of them?



Hattifant Christmas Triskele Paper Globe Set Origami Ball…SET…

Hattifant 3d Paperart led candle night light to diy…GOOOOOOO!!! ^_^

Hattifant's Mandala Advent Calendar to color your way to Christmas in style free downloadOh my goodness! I couldn’t believe my eyes how quickly you guys were able to download! Congratulations to those of you who were lucky!!! Enjoy!

And to those who didn’t get the chance this time I promise I will be doing something like this again! And for that next time wish you the most of luck!
If you have missed out on this deal, don’t worry… I won’t charge the world! 😉

Please proceed to download HERE or by clicking on the picture below:

Hattifant's Mandala Advent Calendar to color your way to Christmas in style


Have a lovely Christmas Season! Please share your creations with me by tagging me in social media or sending me an email! I am too curious!

Hattifant says Merry Christmas

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